Maintaining Your GCDF Certification

global computer technology conceptWhat an accomplishment!  You completed the career development facilitator certification program and applied for the Global Career Development Facilitator certification from the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE). You have finished, so pat yourself on the back. You now have upgraded skills, knowledge and resources to help your students and clients.

Keeping your certification active requires some continuing education.

The CCE requires 75 hours of continuing education every five years to maintain your certification. These hours must be directly related to one or more of the GCDF competencies.

You can obtain those 75 hours by attending conferences, participating in workshops, and taking advantage of various online courses and webinars offered by At some point you may be audited and asked to verify your participation in the professional development activities you have enjoyed and the content may be examined to see if it relates to the competencies. offers you the opportunity to gain your required clock hours without the hassle of travel, traffic, interrupted schedule, or great expense. CEUonestop courses are all related to one or more of the GCDF competencies.

In a recent review of the online courses, the following crosswalk of the courses to the GCDF competencies was developed. 

GCDF Part 1GCD Part 2

You can be confident that the courses will count toward your recertification.  A certificate of completion with the related clock hours is provided to you as evidence that you participated in the training. The courses adhere to the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) criteria for clock hours so they relate to other certifications as well. Example are the Board Certified Coach, the Nationally Certified Counselor, the Licensed Professional Counselor, and others.


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