Higher Education and Jobs

global computer technology conceptHave you ever given much thought to why people to go college?  If you think that it is because they thirst for education, want to be more cultured and wise or, desire the intellectual stimulation, you could be mistaken.

I attended a seminar today with key presenters from Public Agenda and the New America Foundation. Each of these organizations have sponsored/conducted surveys on various higher education issues. Their information contains a lot of food for thought by all of us in the career services business, but I would like to share just one finding, for now, from one of several reports from the New America group titled Deciding to Go To College.

If you look at the chart below, what seems pretty evident is that jobs and money are key drivers in the decision to go to college.

reason to go to college

It is pretty clear that we as career counselors/advisers, educators, workforce development professionals, and policy makers have sent the message loud and clear that postsecondary education (translation: university education) is important for jobs and society. I wonder if the message that there are good jobs with great salaries that do not require a 4 year university degree can help people attain the goals of a good job and good pay is getting lost in the conversation. What do you think?

Wall, Janet_500x500

Janet E. Wall, EdD, MCDP, CDFI, SMMS, NCDA Fellow, is a career development professional in Arlington, Virginia. She is committed to the continuing education of all career counselors, coaches and specialists by providing online courses and webinars through
http://www.CEUonestop.com. She was the developer of the ASVAB Career Exploration Program for the Department of Defense, and was recently named a Fellow of the National Career Development Association. She is co-author of the Ability Explorer published by JIST.

Check out CEUonestop.com’s online course “Realistic Career Decision Making: It’s More Than Passion.” CEUonestop.com is an NBCC-approved continuing education provider.


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